Setting up ssh for ec2-user to your wordpress sites

So after getting frustrated (and even recreating my ec2 instances) due to a “Permission denied (publickey)”, I finally released that the worpress builds by default as set up for SSH using the bitnami account (or at least my build was).

This means each time I login using ec2-user I get:

sudo ssh -i CPT_Default_Key.pem Permission denied (publickey).

Being a limited human being, I will never cope with two user names. So to move over to a standard login name (ec2-user) is relatively simple. Just follow the below steps (after logging in using the bitnami account):

sudo useradd -s /bin/bash -o -u id -u -g id -g ec2-user

sudo mkdir ~ec2-user/
sudo cp -rp ~bitnami/.ssh ~ec2-user/
sudo cp -rp ~bitnami/.bashrc ~ec2-user/
sudo cp -rp ~bitnami/.profile ~ec2-user/

Next you need to copy your public key into the authorised keys file using:

cat >> /home/ec2-user/.ssh/authorized_key

Next to allow the ec2-user to execute commands as the root user, add the new user account to the bitnami-admins group, by executing the following command when logged in as the bitnami user:

sudo usermod -aG bitnami-admins ec2-user

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