Linux: Quick guide to the CD command – for windows dudes :)

Ok, so I am a windows dude and only after docker and K8 came along did I start to get all they hype around Linux. To be fair, Linux is special and I have been blown away with the engineering effort behind this OS (and also glad to leave my book of Daniel Appleman win32 api on the shelf for a few years!).

What surprises me with Linux is the number of shortcuts and so before I forget them I am going to document a few of my favorites (the context here is that I use WSL2 a lot and these are my favorite navigation commands).

Exchanging files between Linux and Windows:

This is a bit of a pain, so I just create a symbolic link to a windows root directory in my linux home directory so that I can easily copy files back an forth.

cd ~
ln -s /mnt/c/ mywindowsroot
cd mywindowsroot
# copy everything from my windows root folder into my wsl linux directory
cp mywindowsroot/. .

Show Previous Directory

cd --

Switch back to your previous directory

cd -

Move to Home Directory

cd ~
or just use

Pushing and Popping Directories

Pushd and popd are Linux commands in bash and certain other shell which saves current working directory location to memory or brings to the directory from memory and changes to this directory, respectively. This is very handy when your jumping around but don’t want to create symbolic links.

# Push the current directory onto the stack (you can also enter an absolute directory here, like pushd /var/www)
pushd .
# Go to the home dir
# Now move back to this directory

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