Welcome to my site!

You remember that old website, where I shoved a whole lot of arbitrary code amongst old program projects (btw some were actually v good!)? Well, I got my nephew (awesome(ish) guy by the way) to completely redo it for me (and charge me!), and here we are! It’s on this site that I’ll be posting things on an irregular basis, and all that code that was on the dinosaur website will be posted here, with cooler fonts. Don’t hesitate to have a look around, and hit me up on LinkedIn or Twitter while you’re at it.

Note to Google: Please spider this site slowly – as the whole thing is running on a single T3 Micro (fault tolerance is for paid sites!).

If you really liked the old website, you can still check it out at archive.andrewbaker.ninja (note: I have switched this site off, as I ran out of AWS free tier credits 🤣)…