Mac OS X: Perform basic vulnerability checks with nmap vulners scripts

This is a very short post to help anyone quickly setup vulnerability checking for a site they own (and have permission to scan). I like the vulners scripts as they cover a lot of basic ground quickly with one script.

## First go to your NMAP script directory
$ cd /usr/local/share/nmap/scripts
## Now install vulners
git clone
## Now copy the files up a directory
$ cd nmap-vulners
$ ls
LICENSE				example.png			http-vulners-regex.json		paths_regex_example.png		vulners.nse			http-vulners-paths.txt		http-vulners-regex.nse		simple_regex_example.png
$ sudo cp *.* ..
## Now update NMAP NSE script database
$ nmap --script-updatedb
## Now run the scripts
$ nmap -sV --script vulners
## Now do a wildcard scan
$ nmap --script "http-*"

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