External k8gb presentation to Kubernetes SIG multicluster

Today I am a happy bunny!!!! Yury Tsarev (a very clever dude) did a presentation to one of the Kubernetes co-founders Tim Hockin. The demo was one of absa banks opensource projects called K8GB (a cloud native GSLB for K8s): https://www.k8gb.io/

Why do I like K8GB? Because it uses a single CRD that integrates to all the big DNS providers (like NS1, Infoblox and Route 53), it then uses zone delegation to allow the developers to manage their GTM in a single CRD. It also has native health checks using the liveliness and readiness kubernates probes (rather than just IMCP or http responses). Put simply it saves a whole bunch of unnecessary yak shaving!

So, if you have a few minutes you can watch the video (the demo starts after 10mins or so):


GIF so happy - animated GIF on GIFER

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